Islamic Republic Of Iran
21 km²
The city with a population of 322557 in Isfahan province. During pre historic ages (7000 BCE) the Sialk ziggrurat just 4 km west of kashan was one of the primary centers of civilization . The name of city comes from the Kasian the original inhabitants of the city . Later this was changed to kashan. It was an important center for production of high quality pottery and tiles (Tiles in Persian means Kash and by some account the name of kashan comes by that) In the center of Kashan the fortress walls stand which called Ghaleh Jalal . The building was made by the order of sultan malik shah of the seljuc dynasty. Kashan to be used also as a leisure vacation spot for Safavi kings . Fin garden with it’s pool and orchard is one of the most famous gardens of Iran was designed for shah abbas as a classical Persian vision of paradise. Kashan enjoying many sites of tourists interest and known as one of the important spot to visit . Qamsar and Abyaneh are notable towns around Kashan which attract thousands foreign tourists per year. Kashan by It’s manufacturing carpets, Silk and other textiles is internationally a famous city and also has an active marble and copper mining industry. The city is highlighted by a wide variety of houses, shrines, mosques, underground water supply and historical bazaar.