Islamic Republic Of Iran
185 km²
The city's many districts are surrounded by mountains that bring variety to Kerman's year-round weather pattern. The northern part of the city is located in an arid desert area, while the highland of the southern part of the city enjoys a more moderate climate. The mean elevation of the city is about 1,755 m (5,758 ft) above sea level. The city of Kerman has a moderate climate. The average annual rainfall is 135 mm. Because it is located close to the Kavir-e lut, Kerman has hot summers, and in the spring it often has violent sand storms. Otherwise, its climate is relatively cool.
Is the capital city of Kerman province and the most important city in southeast of Iran , It is located on a large plain and most of the province is largely steppe or sandy desert however there are some oasis which cultivating date (said to be the best in Iran) , pistachios and oranges . The climate in province varies across regions, in the south and southeast a warm and relatively humid while the weather in the north, northwest and central areas a dry and moderate climate . The most suitable for traveling to city of Kerman would be the months of march to Jun which the average temperature has been recorded 20-25 c . The city is one of the ancient city of Iran and valuable historical vestiges have discovered here and the history of the human settlements in the territory of Kerman dates back to the 4th millennium BC. Kerman is the largest carpet producing and exporting center in Iran . The province is rich in minerals like copper, coal , chromium , lead , zinc , uranium and aluminum and recently crude oil has been discovered . Kerman in several periods of time has been the capital of Iran and has numerous conserved historical places such as Ganj-ali-khan complex (bath , house , bazaar) , Ice house, Gonbad-e-(Dome) Jabaliye ,Old Jame mosque and Mahal town (25 km far from Kerman city ) to visit historical lush green Bagh-e-Shahrzad (Princes Garden )the city also represents few historical attractions such as ancient citadel of Bam (Arg-e-Bam) of about 2000 years ago to Parthian empire (248 BC-224 AD) , Rayen castle (Arg-e-Rayan) is an adobe castle in Rayan town in Kerman . The big desert of Lut with an area of 5400 Km where no flora and fauna kind can be found situated in east and southeast of Iran at Kerman province and several Kaluts which are the lowest part of the desert and are unique that can’t be found in any desert of the world.